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  1. About Data Backups: How Do I Know My Data Is Safe?

  2. Are there fees for accepting on-line payments from my students?

  3. Can I allow teachers to create their own schedules?

  4. Can I Migrate My Data From MTH To SH?

  5. Can I show my calendar of events without having students login?

  6. Can I store multiple e-mail addresses for a student or parent?

  7. Can I Use Studio Helper With Quickbooks?

  8. Clarification of the Former Status

  9. Clients reporting not getting their emails (Comcast email address)

  10. Custom Attendance Status

  11. Customers Who Use MailScanner

  12. Customizing Email Templates

  13. Do You Need a Custom Start Up Call?

  14. Email section within Profiles

  15. Formatting Notes In Attendance Page

  16. Frequently Asked Questions

  17. How Are My Per-Student Fees Calculated If A Student Isn't Active?

  18. How Can I Create A Semester Rate Package for Each Student?

  19. How Can I Customize My Calendar Settings?

  20. How Can I Give Other Users The Same Admin / Owner Permissions I Have?

  21. How Can I Make Sure My Students / Parents Only See Their Own Events?

  22. How Can My Students / Parents View Their Calendar Events on Our Studio Website?

  23. How Do Automatic Recurring Monthly Payments From Students Work?

  24. How Do I Account for Holidays In Our Studio Calendar?

  25. How Do I Clear My Cookies Or Cache?

  26. How Do I Contact Paypal Customer Service?

  27. How Do I Create A Screenshot?

  28. How Do I Create Recurring Weekly Calendar Events?

  29. How Do I Delete A Person's Information?

  30. How Do I Disable SSL?

  31. How do I get student payments to record automatically?

  32. How do I give my staff and students access to the website?

  33. How Do I Handle Tracking What I Owe My Teachers and What I've Paid?

  34. How Do I Import Student and Parent Information Into Studio Helper?

  35. How do I integrate my current website with Studio Helper?

  36. How do I reset multiple student logins at once?

  37. How Do I Reset My Studio Account Passwords?

  38. How Do I Restrict / Grant Teacher and Staff Access to Studio Information?

  39. How Do I Send SMS/Text Reminders to My Students?

  40. How Do I Set Up and Customize Invoices?

  41. How Do I Share My Feedback, Suggestions, or Ideas?

  42. How do I sync my calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal?

  43. How do I use Skype with Studio Helper?

  44. How do I use Zoom and other online platforms with Studio Helper?

  45. How Do I Vote On or Create A UserVoice Tech Suggestion or Idea?

  46. How Do Packages Work?

  47. How Does Music Teacher's Helper Compare to Studio Helper?

  48. How Does Our Studio Track Lessons That Were Taught?

  49. How Does Recurring and Automatic Billing From Our Calendar Work?

  50. How Does Studio Helper Invoicing Work for My Students?

  51. How Does The Drag & Drop Calendar Work?

  52. How Much Does Studio Helper Cost?

  53. How secure is Studio Helper?

  54. How To Add Multiple Teachers and Packages

  55. How To Calculate The New Teacher Rate

  56. How To Clear Cache and Cookies In Safari

  57. How To Create Advance Billing

  58. How To Create Holidays In Studio Helper

  59. How To Export Using Safari

  60. How To Perform A Tracert

  61. How To Prevent Duplicate Reminders From Calender Being Sent

  62. How Will Studio Helper Manage My Business

  63. I Accidentally Deleted My Student's Information. How Can I Get It Back?

  64. I Have Heard About Music Teacher's Helper - Is This Your Product Too?

  65. I'd Like to See All Teacher Availability In My Calendar At One Time. How Do I Do That?

  66. I'm Opening A Second Business: Do I Need A Second Studio Helper Account?

  67. Moving Students To Former Status

  68. My Recital Starts at 12:45, Not 12:30. How Can I Dial In My Calendar Event Start and End Times?

  69. My Student Is Also A Parent. How Do I Account For That In My People List?

  70. My Studio Helper Payment Falls On A Weekend. When Will It Post?

  71. My Username and Password Are Auto Populating in Profiles

  72. New to Studio Helper? Sign Up Today!

  73. Private notes in Profiles

  74. Remote Calendar Feature

  75. Security: Brute Force Password Hacking Prevention

  76. Setting Up Your Studio After Your Trial Period

  77. Some Of My Families Report Not Getting Emailed Reminders or Invoices? What do I do?

  78. What Do I Do When I Can't Get A Computer To Load SH

  79. What Is GDPR And What Does It Mean For Me?

  80. What Is Studio Helper and How Does It Work?

  81. What Will My Students See When They Log In?

  82. What's The Difference Between Enrollment and Registration Forms?

  83. Which Data Should I Back Up, and How Often?

  84. Why can't I see all the events on my calendar?

  85. Why can't I see students in my client list when creating an invoice?

  86. Why is my username showing up in all of my student's profies?

  87. With Invoicing, How Can I Add and Charge Late Fees?

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