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Are there fees for accepting on-line payments from my students?

If you choose to allow your students to pay you on-line, the merchant provider you choose does take a small percentage (usually 1.9%-2.9%, plus sometimes $0.10 – $0.30 for a transaction fee, depending on your volume). Many studios choose to pass this fee on to their students in an extra line item on the invoices. Most students are generally more than happy to pay a few extra bucks for the convenience on on-line payments. Or you may choose to foot yourself the bill since it’s a convenience to you as well. The choice is yours.

To setup on-line payments, simply go to the “Settings” → “Studio Info” page, and choose whether you want to allow students to pay via Paypal, or both. There are also links to setup accounts with each of these providers if you choose. Once these options are enabled, then Studio Helper will automatically put a link at the bottom of each invoice, allowing your students to pay you.

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