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How Do Packages Work?

Once you have added students and events (or lessons), the next thing to do is to create Packages. Then register the students to a teacher and a package. And finally, include the student in the event’s (or lesson’s) Participants List. Here are the steps in detail:

A. Create a package:
1. Go to the Rates & Packages Page (Settings > Rates & Packages)
2. Click New Package.
3. Fill out the form according to your requirements. Note: If you want to use “enable automatic billing from calendar” you should set your packages to “per lesson” charging.
4. Click Save Package.

B. Register a student to a teacher and package:
5. Go to the student’s profile page.
6. Under Registrations section, click New Registration.
7. Select the package, teacher, and instrument from the drop down menu.
8. Click Add Registration button.
9. Save the student’s profile

C. Create an event and add the student in the Participants List
10. Go to Add Event Page (Calendar > Add Event)
11. Fill out the event details (event title, time, date, location, etc)
12. Under Participants section, select a teacher from the drop down menu.
13. Check the box beside the name of student you want to include in the event/lesson. The names will then be shown in the Attendees List below.
14. Optional: if you want to send a reminder, check the box of the people you want to send the reminder to. To send it upon saving the event, enable “Send a reminder now”
15. Click Save Event.
16. When you go to your calendar, you will notice that the newly created event is now included.

Please let us know if you need further assistance with these and other Studio Helper features, we’re ready to support you.

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