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How Do I Import Student and Parent Information Into Studio Helper?

ere are the steps to import student and parent information into your Studio Helper account.

1. Log in to Studio Helper and go to “People” > “People List”
2. Click “Mass Import” from the side bar
3. Choose “Import students”
4. Click “Browse” and select the .csv file you saved from Excel. Change any default options if you want.
5. Select which columns in the csv file match up with the fields in Studio Helper.
6. Click “Import”

It may take a minute or so to process if you have a lot of students, but this will transfer all your student’s contact information into Studio Helper.

You must follow a specific format (we have a template we can provide for free, just ask – or visit this link: If you’re still having difficulties, kindly provide the CSV file and we’ll try to import the students from our end. Just make sure to delete the existing profiles to avoid duplication.

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