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Frequently Asked Questions

You actually don't need to add all of your students in order to test Studio Helper. Adding as little as 5 students initially will be enough for you to test all of the features and possible variations of invoicing, reporting, mass emailing, among other functions. I would also recommend that you watch our collection of video tutorials at and browse through our community forum and FAQ at

Here is a list of the most common questions:

1. With regards to tracking attendance, do the individual teachers need to enter details about who attended each week? 

ANSWER: Yes, they can select Attended, Cancelled, and Absent for the attendance status. In addition, attendance for past events can be set up simultaneously for up to 50 students using the Attendance Page. You can also add attendance notes.

2. Are statements or reminders for students whose fees are overdue able to be automatically generated, or can I access a list of who is overdue all in one place or would I have to look at statements for each individual student? 

ANSWER: Statements and reminders are not automatically generated or sent whenever there are overdue payments. However, in the Invoice List page, you can sort out the invoices by status (paid and outstanding) so that you can arrange outstanding invoices first or paid invoices first.

3. Can you download and print or archive data for students who quit so that you have enduring records of their payments although they are no longer current students? 

ANSWER: Yes, you can generate a PDF copy of a student's statement as your soft copy and print it to serve as your hard copy.

4. Are payments to a Paypal account automatically recorded or does the paypal account have to be manually checked and the info entered into the software? 

ANSWER: Payments via Paypal need to be manually recorded into Studio Helper at this time.

5. Does the free website have software optimization tools and is it readable on cell phones? 

ANSWER: Studio Helper does not offer free website or webhosting service (like the one offered in But the Studio Helper online software is accessible and looks good on any mobile browser using an iPhone, Android phone, or other smart phones.

6. Does the website have facility for linking to social marketing tools such as facebook? 

ANSWER: Not at the moment, but this is a nice suggestion that you can submit for future consideration and implementation. Studio Helper has improved a lot primarily due to ideas shared by users which were then implemented by our programmers.

7. Can teachers invoices also be automatically generated according to the students they have taught? 

ANSWER: Yes, you can automatically generate invoices from calendar events and make this invoice a recurring daily, monthly, weekly, or any other recurring period of time. After the initial setup, Studio Helper will automatically generate the succeeding invoices for you.

We hope you find these answers enlightening and please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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