Clients reporting not getting their emails (Comcast email address)

We are aware that there is an existing issue with Comcast email addresses not being able to receive their mail from some recipients. Comcast is very strict with their SPAM filters - Comcast's default settings are to not show you your spam folder contents at all, this simply means that you can't add emails to your safe list. You can add contacts, but that is not an assurance that you can still receive emails from that sender.

Comcast/Xfinity Support:


- Log in to with your Comcast email and password.
- Click on users and preferences.
- Under Email settings, next to Spam filter, click the EDIT button (If you do not see an EDIT button, you're probably logged in with a restricted account).
*If EDIT button is not present, call 1-800-COMCAST to have them walk you through, how to make your account unrestricted so you can edit your spam filter settings.
- Choose Disable Spam Filter and click save

You should now be able to receive emails from people who need to reach you.

If the problem persists, we suggest having your clients use a different email address instead of using Comcast's email address.

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