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How To Calculate The New Teacher Rate

Below are detailed steps to entering teacher rates in the rate tab. This area is for storage of rates and calculations based on date criteria to pay those teachers only.

1) You have these three choices:

2) If you click Flat Rate, you then choose the amount, effective date and save. It is then saved in that teacher's profile.

3) If you click Per Hour, you then choose the hourly rate, the effective date, the date range, say for one week or one month and click calculate. This will pull the classes that teacher taught and give you a total for an hourly rate. Example, a one hour class at an hourly rate.

4) If you click Percentage Per Package, you then choose from the drop down of all your packages. You can then choose the percentage of each package that the teacher gets.

You then go to the bottom and enter the date range and whatever percentage you put in the package boxes above calculates here. I used a 30 minute weekly package, added 30 in the box for 30%, went to the bottom and calculated the percentage and for that package amount would be $9.00

You can then go to the "Report" tab and there is now a report you can run for Teacher Payroll. It is found in the financial section.

We have all these choices as all studios do different rates for their teachers. I'm sure you will really like it once you get used to it.

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