Security: Brute Force Password Hacking Prevention

We have added a new security feature which blocks users from accessing their studio when an incorrect password is entered ten (10) times.

We hope you understand that this is to protect you, our valued clients from having your accounts compromised.

To ensure that this does not happen, below are some tips.

-Click the reset password link below the log in information. If this does not work, please do the following steps.

- If in case you forgot your password, please contact the Studio Administrator if you are a teacher, staff member, parent or student and have the administrator reset your password for you.

 - If you are an administrator, please contact support to have your password reset.

If you have tried 10 times, your IP address will be blocked for one hour. To avoid this, do not try your password 10 times or more. Please confirm your password, reset your password or contact support before continuing on. Support cannot override the blocked IP address during that hour wait time.

If you have any questions, regarding this new feature, please contact support who can help you.

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