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How To Perform A Tracert

Instructions on recording a tracert on your computer.

1. Go to and enter Studio Helper’s website to check if the website is down also for everyone or its just you. This will tell you if you are only experiencing the problem. If the Studio is showing that it is up, proceed to the next step.
2. If you have windows, go to start>run and then type cmd. Then type Provide SH the resulting trace route.
3. Provide your IP Address. To do this on a Windows machine, go to Start > Run and type cmd. Then type ipconfig and copy the IP address.
Sometimes it’s your service provider and not necessarily a SH issue.

Forward all information to SH support along with the type of browser you are using.
We will investigate the problem to see exactly where the problem is occurring and let you know the results.

Thank you for your patience.

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