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Why can't I see all the events on my calendar?

To see all events on your calendar, make sure that all of the teachers, categories and locations are checked in the Filters area on the calendar sidebar. If you recently added a category, location, or teacher, it will not be checked by default. You will have to either manually check it, or log out of Studio Helper and back in again.

If they are all checked, and you’re still having trouble, there might be a browser caching issue. The main causes might be if you’re using Internet Explorer (which is notoriously poor at caching). IE will sometimes show older versions of a page, rather than the “live” data. Or if you are using an Internet speed enhancer-type program, this will also sometimes affect caching. Here are some steps that might help solve the problem:

Refresh the screen
Refresh the screen while holding the CTRL key (on Windows)
Log out of Studio Helper and back in again
Restart your browser
Restart your computer
Clear your Internet cache (temporary Internet files) and refresh
Clear your Internet cookies for the Studio Helper website

Also, if you are a teacher, parent, or student, your studio administrator may have preventing you from seeing events except for your own events. Your studio admin can change who is able to see all events from the Settings → Permissions page.

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