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How Do I Handle Tracking What I Owe My Teachers and What I've Paid?

Whether those using Studio Helper pay their instructors on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or salaried basis, many studios use our Rate Tab and Lessons Taught report to see how many hours or lessons a teacher has taught during the month and use that to calculate how much to pay them.

You’ll find that by logging in and going to the Teacher Profile, you will see different options to set depending on how you pay your teachers. Simply select the criteria and save.

You can then go to the Reports tab, and select the Lessons Taught report link under the Calendar Reports section. Be sure to click lesson cost at the bottom of the report before viewing. The total costs will be at the very bottom of the report.

We will soon have a dedicated report section for payroll that is tied to the teacher rate tab.

In order to track the payments made to your teachers, that would be a studio expense, so you’ll need to record and list your expenses. To do so, log in and go to the Money tab.

Under the Money tab, you can record your studio expenses such as office supplies, utilities, sheet music, instruments, etc. These will automatically be compiled for you to be included and categorized for you in the Income & Expense report, and of course that will also include any payments made to your teachers.

To list a new expense, navigate to the Money tab we mentioned. Once there, scroll down to →Expenses →New Expense, and list the appropriate expenses associated with each instructor.

If your teachers receive fixed salary on a regular basis, there is a workaround that you can do to perform automatic teacher payroll computation and track payments to teacher. You can make each teacher a vendor using Add Vendor Page (Money > Vendor > New Vendor) that you can send payments to (salary). Then create a Recurring Expense (Money > Expenses > Recurring Expenses) which will become the teacher's monthly/weekly/daily salary.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Please let us know if you need further assistance with these and other Studio Helper features, we're ready to support you.

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