How Do I Contact Paypal Customer Service?

Regarding assistance that’s beyond the scope of Studio Helper, you can reach out to Paypal via the information below. They have a specific requirement regarding the way you contact them in order to keep your account secure.

Please find PayPal’s details below:

Paypal Customer Service Information


PayPal Customer Service:
(a U.S. telephone number)

Hours of Operation
4:00 AM PST to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday
6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday and Sunday
Please note that hours of operation may vary on holidays

PayPal Customer Service Email:

To send PayPal an email, it’s easy! Just visit their homepage.

Visit and click the Contact Us link at the bottom of their homepage
(no login is required to email Paypal securely via their email link).

Meanwhile regarding Studio Helper questions, ideas, or needs, please let us know what else we can assist you with, we are always happy to help.

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