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How do I give my staff and students access to the website?

To allow your staff, teachers, students and their parents to login to your Studio Helper account, they will each need their own username and password. You can assign a username and password from within each user’s profile, or you can have the system automatically generate a username and password for each student and e-mail it to them.

To choose their username yourself, click their name from the People List, and type a username and password for them in their profile. (Be sure to click the “Check Availability” button to make sure the username isn’t already taken). Usernames must be unique system-wide.

To have the system generate usernames for your students, go to the People list, click “Students” to show all students (or you could do a search and select specific people). Check the box next to the names you want to generate a login for. To select all, just click the checkbox above the list. When you check a box, a “With selected” box will appear. From there, just choose “Reset Logins”, and the students will be sent a new username and password.

Once the user has a username and password, they’ll be able to login. They will also be able to change their username and password once they login. (Note: Students who you mark with a status of “Former” will not be able to login).

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