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How Will Studio Helper Manage My Business

You'll be please to know that Studio Helper 's powerful and robust platform will be able to serve your studio's daily operational and accounting tasks. We currently have satisfied studio clients with more than a thousand users (students, teachers, and staff) who totally rely on our program. You can also have as many locations as you want in a single account.

Studio Helper is powerful enough to handle all of your accounting tasks at once, such as batch invoicing and receiving payments online and offline. There are two ways to batch invoice your clients:
1. One-time Invoicing - Ideal for short lessons or packages that require a single payment, you can create a one-time invoice for your clients and send a PDF copy of the invoice via email.
2. Recurring Invoices - Easily create recurring invoices for longer lessons that require periodic regular payments (i.e. weekly, monthly, every 3 weeks, etc). You only need to enable the "Make this a Recurring Invoice" check box and perform a one-time configuration, and Studio Helper will create invoices automatically for you. Please refer to the attached screenshot for an overview of this feature.

In addition, you can further automate the billing process by using the "Enable Automatic Billing From Calendar." This option gives you the ability to automatically invoice lessons straight from your studio calendar. You can use this feature and the above invoicing methods simultaneously in order to automate the whole repetitive billing process, giving you more time to deal with other, more important tasks. You can find more information about automatic billing from calendar here -

To help you get started with Studio Helper, please sign up for a 30-day free trial account. You can also watch our video tutorials in our Help page. Anytime you need assistance, please feel free to contact your friends at Studio Helper Support.

Should you have any other concerns or questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're very eager to assist you.

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