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  1. COVID-19 : Reduce charges

    Hello Cathy and all,
    I hope everyone is healthy and well. As you could imagine with COVID-19 we had to cancel more than 200 students. However it does not mean that this students will not come back to us after this crises. So I was wondering how you will charge us for these many people who currently won't take lessons and are not paying us . My suggestion is like all other business that came up with a solution for this issue, your company should also come up with some solution and help us to work out or cash flow.

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    We do not charge for Former students. If you reduce the number of students who are not listed as Former, your price per month is reduced as well.
    At this time the software does not have a way for you to create additional status designations. I can make a couple of suggestions, however.
    1. You could add something to the name, like COVID or Hiatus or whatever would make sense to you, before changing the status to Former. When you are ready to reach out to them again, it is pretty simple to search on that to find them.
    2. You can add a note in the Registration Notes of the student’s profile. Again, using a search term that you’ve standardized can make it pretty easy to search for them in the People List by using the Advanced search and searching in the notes.

    We have integrated Skype with our…

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